You look into the rear-view mirror.
Everything “bad” about a place gets left behind.
Or does it?

We often tend to forget that there’s one niggly little thing we can’t ever escape:
The memory of “who” we were when we left.

No matter how angry you are when you leave for good, creating that nuclear-sized shockwave will always haunt you.
Years after the fact it can still make you cringe when you see that picture of yourself: Ranting and raving.
No matter how justified your actions were, you’re going to remember your “worst self” when you least expect it.

Whenever I leave somewhere for good, I amicably greet everyone.
It’s tough to do.
Yeah, it’s very tough.
The first instincts are to “tell it to them like it is!”

Recently I drove past a place where I used to work.
But the place had been demolished.
A whole new bigger and better office park got built in that space.
At that moment, all that remained of that job was me.
The boardroom where we had so many fights was gone.
Many of the people who fought with me weren’t even around anymore.
That’s when you realize how very few things matter, after the fact.
Except for your memories. They will always matter to you.
You don’t need to carry the garbage of days gone by inside your head.
When you worked there, you also lived there.
For a while, that’s where you existed.
There were great times as well.
Remembering the better version of “who” you were back then is ultimately going to be an act of kindness to yourself.

To life and memories,

Whatever I write is my heartbeat.
When you read and comment, I can hear yours.
You’re still here.
In this world.
And so am I!